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I have resolved to live, not just endure, each season of life.

What if you could have someone to walk with you through those seasons of change and transitions of life? How would it feel to develop skills that increases your capacity to deal effortlessly with any difficult changes life throws at you?

Dr. April Brown is an elite personal development coach who empowers women in transitions of life. She was a professional counselor for 21 years, and has been a personal development coach for the last 10 years whose heart has always been focused on helping others with emotional blocks to create movement forward through powerful mind shifts toward their hopes and dreams. April’s newest season of life is her oldest graduating from college, but it doesn’t mean she’s always made transitions easily with health issues from age 16, raised by a single Mom, and her struggle with postpartum depression after her twins were born she is passionate to help others find the freedom she’s found to enjoy each season. She enjoys her life on 17.5 acres in Comfort, TX with her husband of 30 years, 4 kids, 2 dogs, & 4 chickens.

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Comfort, TX 78013, USA

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