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Home Business Coaching & Leadership Development Training from a Coach that has her own stack of results:

Judy is a wife, mother and highly successful entrepreneur with over 18 years experience in the global marketplace.  But it didn’t start that way!  She knows what it is like to go from struggling in your business to generating a 6 figure income.  She knows what it is like to go from having struggling relationships with your spouse & children to successful and thriving relationships.  She knows what it is like to have children who are struggling to find God and their purpose in life to gaining the skills and tools they need to succeed in all areas of their young lives.  She also knows what is is like to go from struggling with Time Management to being able to keep the delicate balance of keeping your priorities with your God, spouse and children while still reaching your business goals.  

Hi my name is Judy Lowery.  I am a wife and mom to 8 beautiful children.  I have developed and grown 3 successful home businesses, including a network marketing opportunity that earns a 6 figure income.  I have grown my team to an organization of over 2300 people, and within this organization raised up team leaders and trained them to have the same success in their business and network marketing opportunity.  My husband and I have paid off over $98,000 of debt.  At the same time as building my home businesses, I have gained the skills to win and a wife and mom.  I love spending quality time with  my husband and and family and still being able to work my home business without feeling guilty.  Our children are being raised up for success and growing up to be the young men and women God designed them to be.

If you are struggling to successfully build your home business (or maybe you simply want to successfully START a home business) and want the tools to increase your income while still focusing on growing your relationships with your God, your spouse, your children, let me walk you through your first steps to success in these areas of your life!  I look forward to working with you!


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