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I felt overwhelmed and burdened by all the responsibilities and dreams that I believed were my obligations.  In my effort to “do it all” I made many mistakes and carried a lot of guilt.

What are you piling onto yourself?  Burdens and responsibilities come in all shapes and sizes but all are heavy weights that keep us dragging our wings on the ground.  What overwhelms you?  What burdens you?

  •     Financial responsibilities
  •     Children
  •     Spouse or significant other
  •     Aging parents
  •     Guilt
  •     Health
  •     Weight control
  •     Demands of a job or the need of a job

I was raised in a small town, by first generation Americans.  I carried the weight of my parents’ dreams.  I went to school, worked hard, followed all the rules, got married, had children, and eventually a paycheck.  My children became adults and had their own children.  I was always there if they needed me.  I cared for my terminally ill sister, and then for my aging mother.   Although I never regretted a moment that I had with any of them, sometimes I had doubts, questioned my decisions, and worried that I wasn’t enough.  I felt exactly like you do!

Here is how coaching helped me:

  • Recognize what was in my control and what wasn’t
  • Set goals based on my own needs
  • Identify my own strengths
  • Manage bill payment
  • Improve my heath/weight
  • Forgive myself
  • Design the life I want to live

If you see yourself in my story, let’s get those wings off the ground!  I would be honored to coach you to rise up on eagles’ wings! Please email or text me to schedule a free, no obligation discovery call.



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