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Are you OVER EVERYTHING? Are you overextended, overanxious, overeating, and overwhelmed?  Do you want to feel confident that you are making the best decisions for yourself and your family? 

I’m Kathy and I have been in the same situation,   In my effort to “do it all” I realized I was UNDOING my peace.  I made many mistakes and carried a lot of guilt.  No matter how hard I tried, I felt like I was failing.  I literally fed my emotions, so in addition to piling on weight, I piled on more guilt and more stress.

What are you piling onto yourself?  Burdens and responsibilities come in all shapes and sizes but all are heavy weights that keep us anxious, frustrated, and fearful.  What overwhelms you?  What burdens you?

  •     Financial responsibilities
  •     Weight control
  •     Health
  •     Aging parents
  •     Guilt
  •     Spouse or significant other
  •     Children
  •     Demands of a job or the need of a job

Are you “stuck” in one or more of these areas?  I have been, and usually more than one at a time!  Once I decided to make  my own life changes, the PEACE began to fall into place!  I learned the skills I needed to achieve my goals and realize the life I desired.

Here is how coaching helped me:

  • Recognize what was in my control and what wasn’t
  • Improve my health/lose weight
  • Eliminate debt/manage bill payment
  • Identify my own strengths
  • Set goals based on my own needs
  • Forgive
  • Design the life I want to live

If you see yourself in my story, know that you CAN be free of those burdens!  I would be honored to coach you to overcome what overwhelms you! Please email me to schedule a free, no obligation discovery call.

See what others are saying!

Testimonial #1 Mother of small children: “Kathy is an incredible coach! She incorporates her wide range of experiences and gentle practicality into her coaching with beautiful expertise to lead you forward – all without ever telling you “how”. She is your cheerleader and guide as YOU figure out the how. If you’re ready to start moving forward toward your goals, she may be just the coach you need!”

Testimonial #2 Young Entrepreneur: “Kathy has a heart as big as Texas. She cares so deeply for others & is a trustworthy Coach. Whatever challenge you’re facing, she will help you find your solution so you can live the life you want. I highly recommend her coaching services so you can go from stuck & frustrated to empowered & productive!”

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