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Empowering women… equipping wives… and freeing mother’s from debt to freedom.

What my clients say:

Spiritual Money Mindshift Testimonial

Maybe  you are like I was,  trying to gain financial freedom and income streams but stuck under debt.  Maybe  you are  feeling like money is running away from you instead of to you.  Maybe you are actually aware of pushing money away or self-sabotaging your success.

Maybe you feel like “this” is all you are destined to have or earn.  Yet, maybe in your heart you know different.  Maybe you are ready to break through your own personal glass ceiling.


After being stuck in overwhelming debt for the first 17 years of my marriage, I learned a systematic approach to my challenges and paid off $92,000 in debt in 12 months!  It was exhilarating and fun to make that last mortgage payment!


I became a certified as a coach in 2021 to help others achieve the breakthroughs that I gained.

I began this journey after 15 years of coaching parents and tutoring children (from elementary to high school).  My roles included Tutor, Director, and Area Representive with an international organization supporting parent-directed education.

After struggling with finances and my marriage relationship, I began to search for answers. I found that I needed emotional and spiritual mindshift in my life. I got results after after attending my first First Steps to Success weekend.  I stayed committed to learning and applying.  I got amazing results!  Then I coached others to get the personal results that they wanted.

My husband and I paid off $92,000 worth of debt in just 12 months. We became completely debt-free and including our mortgage!  Our rmarriage relationship was restored and parenting became joyful!

My clients have also paid off massive amounts of debt, started businesses, and improved their relationships.

Although life still has it’s ups and downs, I’ve developed the skills for resiliency, growth, and forward progress.  I do this through a committment to my continued education, coaching and mentorship.  Because of that, I can better serve others in getting the results that they want. And THAT is why I became a coach… to help YOU find and live YOUR vision for your best life!

So, let me help you break “stuck!”  Where are you now?  Where do you want to be? Will you get there at your current pace? What will get you their faster?

Every journey starts with one step.  So, take the step.  Book the 30-minute intro meeting. Let’s talk and discover the breakthrough towards your best life!

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