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“You help people change their trajectory!”   Yet, it wasn’t always that way.

Maybe you feel stuck.  Maybe you feel burdened by debt, overwhelmed by life, and stuck in limbo.  I sure did.

Yet I learned the knowledge skills, and application techniques to get unstuck… and help others!

My husband and I paid off $92,000 worth of debt in just 12 months. We became completely debt-free and including our mortgage!  Our relationships in marriage and parenting were restored and joyful!  Romance in our marriage life went from awful to awesome!

This was a far different that before when our marriage was flailing.  The relationship had become like irritated and angry roommates.  The burden of debt, paired with being a stay-at-home mom, did not help matters.  My background of being a child of divorce plus my husband’s background of already having a divorce seemed to set us up for failure.


I dragged my husband to many marriage seminars and get-rich-in-business seminars.  After each one we had a glimmer of hope.  Yet, it was always short-lived.


For some reason, I avoided going to First Steps to Success with Dani Johnson.  It just didn’t seem like the “package” that I needed.  But, after everything else failed, I somehow managed to get the whole family there for our first FSTS weekend after reading Dani Johnson’s First Steps to Wealth.


And, THAT changed the trajectory of our lives!




The journey continues with up and downs… that’s life.  But, I’ve developed the skills for resiliency, growth, and forward progress.  I’ve gotten the coaching and mentorship to create and live my vision.  And THAT is why I became a coach… to help YOU get financial freedom, joyful relationships, and an overcomer’s mindset!


Let me help you change YOUR trajectory!  Where do YOU want to be?

Every journey starts with one step.  So, take the step: Let’s talk and discover the trajectory towards your best life!


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